Posted by: COSI | December 30, 2009

Learning from others

I’m always trying to learn from museum colleagues as we all try to meet our community’s needs in a sustainable fashion. Spending time in Providence with our youngest daughter she introduced me to the Providence Childrens Museum. As a social worker she uses the museum with the children she works with and has a high opinion of it.

Meeting their long term Executive Director, Janice O’Donnell, I found it intriguing as to how deeply they had built their services for families. They have the most extensive social services collaboration I’m aware of–a testament to a museum seeing community needs they could fill with core competencies.

Talking with Janice, who has been there 30 years, it was interesting how both of us are still figuring out the optimum ways to run our museums and serve our communities. But they’ve done a good job with
what I can see. Check out their website and definitely stop in of you are in the fun city of Providence!!



  1. Thanks for the nice words, David. I enjoyed talking with you and discovering a kindred museum soul! Best wishes – Janice

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