Posted by: COSI | January 11, 2010


The mood of this town seems to rise and fall with OSU sports. Thankfully a great Rose Bowl experience has everyone in a good mood!

There are other ways to feel good related to OSU, some linked to the COSI partnership. Once a year COSI is rented for the evening and opened to OSU students, faculty, and their families. We just hosted that this last weekend with some notable success.

And this year there was more underlying foundation to the evening as there is a growing OSU “footprint” at COSI—WOSU, Center for Family Research, now the Labs in Life, other research locations within COSI and affiliated OSU involved partnerships like Metro School classes and Ohio STEM Learning Network offices and activities.

So it was great to see over 5500 people in the building last Friday evening enjoying and better connecting with OSU’s COSI partner. As there is more talk about retaining and attracting professionals to Columbus, COSI is being mentioned more as an asset in this. Responses like we saw last Friday might be an indicator that that is so—or it was a slow activity night in Columbus 😉 We’re trying to figure that out, as well as our larger role in that endeavor.

Do you think that COSI has any value in engaging and encouraging young professionals, such as OSU students and faculty? Are there other ways for us to connect to the creative student base and workforce in this town?



  1. Hi David,

    As someone who started volunteering at COSI in 2000 at the age of 12, achieved over 1,200 hours, then came back to work as a Floor Faculty Specialist in July 2008, I feel that COSI should be a location for young professionals. COSI has a reputation for being a fun place for families and children, but I think Columbus (and COSI) is missing the mark with extra target populations. Events that encourage younger adults into our building will bring a bigger interest base. One issue for COSI though that comes out of engaging younger professionals, is that they cannot afford some of the events that take place in our building. There is a local organization called Columbus Young Professionals which boasts social offerings for the unengaged young professionals.

    The best thing I can see for COSI in the future is to diversify, but keep our mission alive. We offer so much for youth and families, but lets try and grab the attention of another demographic.

  2. Hi David!

    I’m not sure if you’ve heard – but easyColumbus was formed specifically to help retain the talent here in Columbus. We’ve created the “everything off campus gudie” for this reason – hoping to engage college students with the city.

    We’d love to work with COSI to help in this endeavor – and would like to hear any feedback or ideas you have regarding it!

  3. Hi David!

    In case you haven’t heard – easyColumbus was formed to help retrain and attract talent to Columbus. As the “everything off campus guide” our mission is to educate current students about how great the city is – and hopefully engage the city to support through events (such as yours), discounts, and internships.

    EasyColumbus is partnered with 11 colleges in Central Ohio and has formed a web portal ( as a resources for the students. Of course we’re connected on facebook and twitter as well!

    Thank you for keeping the conversation going about this audience – and how important they are to the city and it’s future!

  4. Thanks so much for making sure we were aware of these young professionals/college students related groups. I know we work with the Columbus Young Professionals at times and our team is aware of EasyColumbus (which I think is a great initiative!). Hopefully we can/are plugged into that as well.

    • Dear Mr. David,
      First of all, I would like to say that you are awesome for discovering COSI and helping it growing more. COSI is a wonderful for all the ages.Me and my family always enjoy coming to COSI. Also, we all have volunteered at COSI. I have learned so much from COSI, and now i would like to talk to you about little bit how we can make COSI more better and more for everyone. Mr. David If you don’t can we have a little meeting about making a COSi a more better places. I have some wonderful idea, i hope you will listen to me and understand what I have to say. i would really appreciate it, and plus it will benefit our COSI and the environment. Thank you so much for your attention, and I hope to talk or see you soon.Have a great day.

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