Posted by: COSI | February 15, 2010

One of a Kind Labs

It is so rewarding to see our OSU labs at COSI in our Life exhibit area increasingly vibrant and active. We ventured into this partnership where no university researchers and science center had gone—so the best we could do was imagine the potential. Until we got actually into it we didn’t know for sure how well this might work and it has taken longer to get up and running than we anticipated.

I drop by frequently, particularly during our Family Friday Nights and weekends, to see how active the labs are and how responsive the public is to the activities. With the uniqueness of the labs embedded within a science center, the researchers are attracting an array of undergraduate and graduate students interested in working in them, helping now with the level of activity in the labs.

Between the students and the researchers it is more common to see activities in the labs (like the photo of the youth working out with Wii Fit as part of a study) or a researcher coming out of the labs and talking with the public (the second photo). Periodically the equipment is showcased and explained. This summer we’ll be adding more related activities in the area around the labs.

We are now getting national attention for this unique way to expose the public to health and exercise related research and insights. Check out the web link to one of the newspapers that picked up a recent Associated Press article written on the Labs in Life as we call them.

Check them out for yourself. If you have, what do you think of the new type of experience at COSI?


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