Posted by: COSI | February 17, 2010

Can’t this town deal with snow?

Grow up in Cleveland and spend 11 years in upstate NY (Buffalo included) and the weather we have around here is annoying, but not world stopping! But with all the schools and our partners closed it seemed prudent for us to close the building as well (we weren’t open to the public Tuesday any way).

But it’s not like the old days when a snow day meant a play day. Spent the day on conference calls, working the computer, planning, and trying not to fall further behind in what it takes to keep us moving forward. Here it is 9:20 pm and hoping to watch the Olympics for a few minutes.

Glad we are back open today and back in the office again–and I think Dottie is looking for me to get out of her way as well 😉


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