Posted by: COSI | February 23, 2010

It Is A New Day for Interviews

In a time long ago I was a science feature writer, working as a stringer for a local paper and then expanding to others such as the Gannett Newspaper network. I would find a story of interest, compile questions that I imagined would get to the heart of the topic, meet with the individual, take notes, write up my feature, double check my facts and then hand the feature to my editor. He would review it, make some changes possibly, and then, several weeks after the start of the process the article would appear.

So it was with great interest that I responded to the request by Walker Evans of Columbus Underground to meet him for an interview on COSI’s progression since I came, close to four years ago now. I knew of Walker’s reputation as a blogger and we had cross-referenced our postings a few times, but this was the first time to meet personally.

So we sat down for coffee, Walker pulled out his iPhone and launched its’ Voice Memo app, and he asked me a series of questions that were helped by “crowdsourced” guidance—in other words he had sought suggestions for questions from the “crowd” that read his popular Columbus Underground (CU).

Turns out that his CU has roughly 65,000 unique readers per month! And that Columbus Underground has become so popular and successful that Walker has gone full-time and recently moved into an office in town to make room for another “baby Evan” who is coming soon.

Boy do I feel inadequate in my blogging! (Thanks Sis for always reading my blog and keeping my meager numbers up!) Anyway, we talked, Walker recorded, and almost presto, my interview was posted Monday. The world of communication has changed!

Enjoy Walker’s posting of his discussion with me, and if you haven’t perused Columbus Underground I encourage you to do so—maybe you can be that 65,001 unique monthly visitor;-)



  1. Nice interview! I enjoyed reading about all of your great insights and ideas for COSI!

  2. It was great to finally meet you David. Glad you enjoyed the interview and the process! 😉 Thanks again for taking the time!

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