Posted by: COSI | March 1, 2010

Undercover Boss COSI Style-Kinda

I’ve not watched Undercover Boss, but it was interesting to read in the Columbus Dispatch how our hometown White Castle was featured on Sunday’s show.

I couldn’t pull that off here as we’re too small and I’ve been around now too long.  However, I can put myself in the role of a guest and test out the experience.

Our little 14 month granddaughter was in town to visit—a great pleasure to her grandparents who don’t see her enough!  I took time out of the office to experience our little kidspace with our granddaughter and her younger cousin and a slightly older friend who came with her on the trip.

I’ve got to give our team credit –little kidspace is totally absorbing to a child and designed and functions in a supportive fashion thinking of all the details.  Given that we barely got out of the water area, towels to wipe seats and faces, coats to try to protect from getting too soaked and dryer service when they didn’t were just a few of the features that as a grandparent were greatly appreciated.

It definitely was a different experience for me in COSI and a thoroughly enjoyable space for both the young children and the accompanying adults—me included.  And I have a lot more appreciation of the energy of these little ones and the engaging time and outlet little kidspace provides (for parents and child alike!)


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