Posted by: COSI | March 9, 2010

What Goes On Behind The Scenes At COSI-Titanic Preparation

People are always saying to me “you’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays, right?” And I always remind them that we’re closed to the public but there are all sorts of activities taking place. Some are the daily activities of our partners like the Metro School classes, OSU lab researchers, the Ohio STEM Learning Network team and such. The other is the flurry of activities we undertake during the “closed to the public” days to recover or prepare. And we have precious few days left before we go back to our 7 day per week schedule starting March 22 and running nonstop until Labor Day.

Hence, this Monday and Tuesday saw a definite flurry of activity. First we hosted almost 7,000 visitors here over the weekend so there is plenty of effort needed to just catch up with cleaning.

But there is also a tremendous effort going in to preparing for the big Titanic exhibition opening March 27. Whether it was getting the huge Titanic model cleaned and prepped for display or building the experience in our large galleries to handle the contents of 13 tractor trailers of experience setting and artifacts that have descended upon us.

Then there is the installation of new, clearer signage to prepare for many people coming who will be new to COSI and its interesting and sometimes confusing layout. Now, don’t go thinking that we are not humming even when the doors are not open to the public.


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