Posted by: COSI | March 15, 2010

How Much Do People Care?

2010 Gala Crowd

2010 Imagination Celebration Gala Crowd

There are many fine non-profit cultural organizations in our community. We partner with and support many of them where our missions overlap. On the other hand, to some degree we compete for community support (although I’ll put forth the more we partner with each other, the stronger the community support will be for those involved).

Galas are one of those annual measures to judge a community’s interest, the strength of your volunteer effort, and the strength of how the community perceives your organization’s value. In a community still coming out of a recession, we felt COSI’s Gala was a bit of a litmus test to whether people care about the ways in which we fulfill our mission to connect the public, particularly children and youth, with real and relevant science.

I think that everyone has a spring in their step today –and not just from the big OSU basketball victory Sunday 😉

Selling over 500 tickets to help off-set the pervasive corporate cutbacks on sponsorships was one positive indicator going into the night. Seeing a broadly diverse crowd, particularly with a wider range of ages than I remember from previous years, was another.

But what made me feel particularly positive coming out of the evening was the auctioning of the opportunities to assure access to children and teens to our many in-depth programs. When we topped $30,000 – more than double last year’s, I felt a strong vote of confidence in our work.

So a great evening, a great effort by the team and volunteers, and an encouraging benchmark that there is community interest and support for the work that we do. Thanks to all who contributed to the success of the evening!


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