Posted by: COSI | March 19, 2010

Our Ship Is Coming In

Titanic Installation 2

Titanic Installation

I am amazed every time I go behind the scenes now up in our big galleries to see how much progress is being made to recreate an experience inside the Titanic. Carpenters, craftsman, lighting specialists, etc. are all working long and hard with our team to create this incredible other world supporting the Titanic story.

And of course, this being COSI, we have extra materials to explore the technology of diving 2.5 miles under the sea to find and recover artifacts from the debris trail of the Titanic. These will be nestled into position next week in their homes in the COSI exhibit—nearly 100 new artifacts to see here in Columbus. As I look at some of the objects, they continue to carry what I call the “power of real” – artifacts that were owned by someone, that fell to the ocean depths, and now have been recovered and preserved and are available to us to look at and wonder about the times, the people and the event.

Did you see Titanic when it was at COSI before? Do you plan to see it again when we open March 27 with the new elements (100 new artifacts, more technology—including local stories, actors in character throughout the experience)?

Titanic Installation 1

Titanic Installation


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