Posted by: COSI | March 26, 2010

Big Ship, Big Marketing

To bring a spectacular exhibition like Titanic to Columbus doesn’t happen cheaply.  The recovery company has spent millions of dollars on the efforts to dive 2-1/2 miles to the ocean floor and delicately and ingeniously find and retrieve artifacts from the Titanic debris field.  Then they have had to spend incredible time and resources to preserve and care for the 5500 artifacts, small and huge, that they have recovered.  The touring company and COSI had to essentially construct a building within COSI to create the Titanic scale spaces and environment.  Thirteen tractor trailers of props, materials and artifacts had to travel to COSI and be unloaded and placed in position.  Then the cases had to be stored in rented, off-site storage.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  This is quite the effort, at quite the expense, to provide as an experience for the community and tourists.  The company and COSI are counting on many people coming through to support the effort and costs to provide this one-of-a-kind experience.

So marketing is critical to spread the word—marketing on a scale that I’ve not been personally involved with before except for when we opened the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh in 1991—and that was before Twitter and Web Sites (& blogs ;-)).

Titanic Building Wrap

Titanic Building Wrap

The banner on the front of the building is huge when you factor out the immense size of COSI—and had to be installed with one 4 by 8 foot section after another to create the full scene.  The marketing team has been working around the clock—from the preparation for Thursday’s big media event to the Thursday evening first Titanic event to the 5:00 am live work with TV on Friday followed by Saturday’s 7:00 am gig, and much more already and to come.

COSI seems like a big organization until we get into these types of intense efforts.  Whether it is the team members guiding and preparing the exhibition or the small team coordinating the major media effort (traditional and social), I see the same people here early, here late –day after day.

But as we all watched the first groups of guests reverently absorb and engage with the Titanic exhibition and rave about their experience, we know we’re doing the right thing.  Check out some of the promo spots:

Better yet come and see it for yourself and spread the word—that’s still the best promotion possible.

Where have you heard about the Titanic exhibition?  What non-traditional media has caught your attention about COSI?  I’d love to hear what is working.



  1. Yes i agree with you.

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