Posted by: COSI | April 8, 2010

One “Driving” Rain



Thank goodness it is raining finally!  I’m not looking at the rain outside from a gardener’s perspective (one of these day’s I’ll get back to my organic gardening).  No I’m looking at it through my lens as COSI CEO—or worrier-in-chief 😉

Attendance at science centers and museums have wide swings —school break times (spring, winter, holidays) combined with rainy/cold weather are the peak times that drive our attendance numbers.  We’ll go from a thousand people on normal period sunny days to 5,000 or more during peak times.

As we have to rely more on earned revenue from general attendance to support our service to the community with the reductions we (and all non-profits) have seen from corporate and public funding support.

So this unusual summer-like weather recently has not been doing us a favor during school break time–we’ve had strong attendance, but we could be having great attendance right now with a little weather cooperation.

So with both Titanic and Grossology temporary exhibitions open, many new features now at COSI (Labs in Life, Lily Pad, Innovation Showcase, among others), spring break for some schools and a rainy day—this is the time we live for! 😉  Hope we are top of mind for many people looking for what to do today.


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