Posted by: COSI | April 12, 2010

COSI Presence In Unexpected Places

Carnegie Science Center

Carnegie Science Center

So I got suckered into a family team relay as part of the upcoming Pittsburgh Marathon.  And because I’m the former collegiate runner it seemed logical for me to take on the 7 mile opening leg—plus it runs right past the Carnegie Science Center for which I was part of the team that designed and opened that center.  Everything seemed to point to the logic and symbolism of my lead-off leg in three weeks.

Except I haven’t run 7 miles in decades.

The fact that my back blew out in the middle of a promising track career at Pitt 38 years ago and has never fully recovered seemed to have been lost in all of this.

There I was out on the trails Sunday shuffling my way forward trying to get this aged body back into some semblance of running fitness without going so far or fast that my back (or knee or hip –pick your physical weak spot for me) put an end to this whole endeavor.  Hence, I was focused on moving one foot after another, trying to hold good form that is retained in deep memory cavities, and barely noticing the others running around or past me.

But I couldn’t help but notice an old COSI program t-shirt running by me!

The woman was deep into her iPod and I was too winded to call out—but there past me went some COSI story that I’ll never know.  But obviously she was still promoting her former COSI involvement in an understated but public way.  Cool!

I continued on with a bit more spring in my stride (well, shuffle 😉 )


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