Posted by: COSI | May 4, 2010

Can We Help Ohio Become a Center of Automotive Change?

Energy & Environment and Technology & Innovation are two of COSI’s strategic areas of focus.

And they are becoming a growing presence at COSI.  I’m pleased to see that others are also gaining a growing recognition of COSI as a central place to explore, celebrate, and seek advancements in these areas for central Ohio.

Just a few days ago, during the Earth Day celebration here, we had OSU’s Center for Automotive Research faculty and students engaging the public with their research and engineering advances next to Ryne Powersports with their electric motorcycle – both opening windows onto a different transportation future for our country.

Then just last night, we were chosen by state and community leaders to host a major event to help introduce community leaders to the possibility of a new advanced automotive battery manufacturing coming to Ohio that would support the new CODA Automotive electric car.  This innovative company with an impressive car is to decide in the next month if the manufacturing facility with about 1,000 jobs will be located here in central Ohio.

I got to open the evening and be part of the scripting to have the CODA all electric car roll up to the stage area at COSI driven by CODA Automotive CEO Kevin Czinger carrying Mayor Michael B. Coleman, Alex Fischer, Executive Director of The Columbus Partnership, and Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Director of Ohio’s Department of Development.

The car is impressive—from it’s engineering to its innovative design and manufacturing approach.  I told CEO Czinger (who turns out to share Cleveland roots with me) that I’d be glad to be one of the first in the area to drive one! 😉

coda car

We’re glad to see the use of COSI and our brand, distinctive facility, and centralized location as a tool in helping seek and secure the types of businesses that will drive a sustainable and environmentally sensitive future for our region and beyond.  You can catch more details in these recent articles:


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