Posted by: COSI | May 6, 2010

COSI With The Wind At Its Back

GE Wind Blade

GE Wind Blade

131 Feet—over 40 yards.  One blade, matched by another one at 131 feet.  It’s hard to imagine the size and scale of the modern wind generators that are starting to supply electricity to our grid.

So we at COSI were thrilled to be chosen as the only science center by GE Energy to host their touring wind turbine blade as it travels through the country on its way to a wind farm in Texas.  By the hundreds students at COSI today were able to see the blade up close, sign their names on it, and understand more about generating electricity from wind in a way that is now more real and relevant to them.

Ironically, a friend from high school, Dr. Lorry Wagner, is now installing wind generators including the one out front of our science center colleagues in Cleveland at the Great Lakes Science Center.  Lorry has helped me look at what possibilities we might have at our site (which unfortunately doesn’t have the advantage of being on a lake shore 😉 )

So whether it is the GE wind turbine blade here today, or community leaders being introduced to an all electric car at COSI on Monday, I’m thrilled to see more partners identify COSI as “THE” place in the community to introduce new technologies that will make a difference in our society’s sustainability.  Gives COSI’s name, Center of Science and Industry, more true meaning.

Guests Signing the GE Wind Blade

Guests Signing the GE Wind Blade



  1. David, for readers looking for more, I also posted a video of the windblade to COSI’s YouTube channel:

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