Posted by: COSI | May 9, 2010

ScienceMakers Make A Difference



COSI was chosen as a partner with the History Makers organization to be part of a National Science Foundation funded initiative (ScienceMakers) to highlight and connect school youth and the public with leading African American scientists.  With WOSU@COSI as an easy and built-in additional partner the evening forum was taped and has started airing on WOSU Plus.  (For those of you on Time Warner in the Columbus area that is 994—others will have to check their provider’s listing for WOSU Plus).  You will see the program listed as Columbus Collaborative : History Makers: What Is Life?
The distinguished gentlemen, Dr. Wayne Bowen pharmacologist at Brown University , Dr. George Jones a biochemist at Emory University, Dr. Kwame Osei, an endocrinologist at OSU, and  Dr. John Watson a metabolic biochemist at UCLA shared their life stories and research, guided by host Jerry Revish of Channel 10 TV.

The viewing schedule this month are all Fridays at 9:00 pm, May 7, 14, 21, and 28th.  These noted researchers were fun to get to know, engaging to listen to, and an inspiration for anyone.   At COSI, we’re glad to see more opportunities come our way to connect the public with real and relevant research and the people behind the efforts to improve our society’s health.   We’re hoping that Julieanna Richardson, the founder and driving force behind this initiative finds, other opportunities to use COSI and WOSU@COSI as tools for public understanding.

I had a great time —you should too watching the discussion.

What types of similar initiatives do you think COSI can or should do like this?


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