Posted by: COSI | May 14, 2010

OSU’s Byrd Polar Is So Cool!



I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know OSU’s dynamic and highly decorated team of researchers, Lonnie Thompson and his wife Ellen Mosley-Thompson, the Director  of OSU’s Byrd Polar Research Center.

We’ve also found their research team at OSU’s Byrd Polar Research Center great partners for special activities at COSI, such as our Byrd Polar research days at COSI.  And we’ve submitted national grants together to extend further the public awareness of their work which is guiding our understanding of climate change.  Their research of high altitude glaciers has created a treasure trove of ice cores that allow us an unparalleled look back in time through the tiny air bubbles captured in the ice cores they bring back from a lifetime of research trips.

So there I was catching our colleague at the American Museum of Natural History, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, hosting his PBS show, NOVA ScienceNOW and he was featuring Lonnie Thompson and the work of his team which has refined the field of Ice Core Paleoclimatology.  Cool!

It reminded me of the 50th anniversary celebration I was recently invited to attend. At the little ceremony and then at the display on the ground floor of the OSU library, I came to understand better how the researchers at the OSU center have had such a significant impact on our understanding of the Antarctic as well.  I was so impressed, I took a photo of the map of Antarctica that highlights all the features of Antarctica that have an OSU imprint on them—well over 100!

You can check out the Byrd Polar Research Center at  It’s worth the look—and watch for the next time their researchers are at COSI opening a window into their world of research and making meaning of the climate change we are witnessing.



  1. David, Dr. Carol Landis, Byrd Polar’s Education & Outreach Representative, is also offering “Standards-Based Earth Science Education,” an online graduate-level course this summer (June 21 to July 30). Carol is the contact person; her email address is

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