Posted by: COSI | May 17, 2010

Helping Make Columbus Green & Healthy?

Biking to work!

Biking to work!

Biked in to work today with Mayor Coleman and 70+ other community CEO’s to highlight the bike to work week as we all encourage the continued use of bikes as an alternative means of transportation.  At the ceremony that launched the ride, welcome announcements were made about continued investments in the bike trails/lanes in our region.  I know some people scoff at the investments, but the benefits that range from environmental, reduction of oil use, healthy living, and sense of community to me are real and tangible.

I thought the rain would cancel out some people, but other than my wet socks 😉 nothing seemed amiss this morning.  (And it was an experience to head down High Street with a police escort!) The 1000 plus riders enrolled in this Bike To Work activity (COSI team included) are just a fraction of those that I hear do bike to work at least occasionally, so momentum is building beyond this morning’s PR event.

Labs in Life

Labs in Life

Also, when I got to work I remembered how over the weekend I was watching researchers in our OSU Labs in Life engage guests in their Wii Fit study (seeing if the program is indeed effective in helping “activate” our youth and adults).  The public could watch youth “work out” using Wii Fit and have the study explained to them. I wonder if guests watching were encouraged in any way—we’ll get some idea when the researchers complete their study.

Do you think efforts like these by COSI have any impact on our public?  Should we be doing more along these lines of “green” and “healthy”?

Check out the Dispatch photo and related content on this morning’s ride!


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