Posted by: COSI | June 3, 2010

Wow – This is Really Being Green!

Pod House

Pod House

I had been seeing the renderings of what was to come and there was this bright green color that I thought had been someone clicking the wrong green in the design software.  But they weren’t kidding!

You might have seen in the news about the OSU Pod House being moved slowly down High Street on Sunday and yesterday lifted by a very large crane into location in COSI’s Big Science Park.  The structure is another component in our growing Energy & Environment footprint.

The Pod is a small but mighty, eco-friendly, self-sustainable house built by engineers, architects, and industrial designers from The Ohio State University. Inside the modular home are sustainable technologies and energy saving techniques with innovations like solar power, solar hot water heating, gray water recycling, rainwater collection, energy and water saving appliances, and sustainable building materials.

And with the fluorescent green paint used, there is no missing this new addition to COSI’s Energy and Environment experiences!

Let me know what you think of it when you come next time.

What would you recommend next?


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