Posted by: COSI | June 4, 2010

COSI In The Center – Is It Working?

COSI for a long while was looked at strictly through the lens of a science center offering great experiences for families.  If you saw us in the news it was usually around a new exhibition, special program, or “human interest” story of one of our many outreach programs.  And we had to generate the news usually from our side.

I knew, the board knew, and our management team knew that we needed to leverage our resources and facilities more broadly.  But how?

Lots of meetings, lots of walking people from OSU, the state, public officials, donors, businesses and others through COSI have taken place to help others see how we’ve been rethinking the use of this big signature facility.  And to gather feedback on how others see our potential.

So it has been interesting, and rewarding, to finally start seeing the expansion of COSI’s profile.  We’ve worked hard at it, so it’s not been a surprise.  More importantly, we are seeing the leveraging of COSI also start to promise bigger pay-offs for the community, such as in the two items below.

Just recently we saw the announcement that Coda Automotive with their all-electric car had decided on the Columbus area for the battery manufacturing facility for its new car.  My e-mails with the CEO gave me some positive feedback about the role COSI played hosting the event introducing the car and company to community and state leaders—and our ability to help share the technology and innovation of the car with the public.

If you missed the story, it’s at:

Then there has been the recent efforts at defining the next priorities in city development.  Part of the plan builds off of COSI as an anchor to the peninsula around us.  Goals of a sustainable neighborhood, complementary activities, and COSI reaching outside to be more of an activity center are all consistent with how we see ourselves, but now defined by others.  You can see the plan that has gone to the city now at

It seems like a long time coming, but then I’ve never been patient 😉

Are these roles ones that you can see COSI adding to its historic strengths?  Are we really adding value to the community in engaging in these types of activities?



  1. I love hearing these type of stories and support 100% the work COSI is doing to be a center for the Columbus community. The more people engage with COSI the more they will be drawn into it’s mission of science education for the public. Being a center for the community means sharing that mission with more people who might not otherwise experience it. Keep up the great work!

  2. I’m a big fan of the Scioto Peninsula redevelopment plan, and agree that COSI is a great anchor for this type of mixed-use development. I’m glad that various city leaders are finally all coming together to leverage the awesome Downtown resource that COSI has always been.

    Looking forward to what the next 10 years has in store for the “backyard” of COSI. 😉

  3. Gosh–Great to hear such strong support!

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