Posted by: COSI | June 21, 2010

Making Memories

I have many fond memories of my grandfather—the continually curious engineer.  I can remember in good detail experiences I had with him in my early years (as young as 5 or so) when he would take me to some place of business and explore their workings.  We visited paper mills, boat building shop, quarry, Amish blacksmith to name just a few that I can call out immediately in my head.

The indelible memory making power was through settings that were unusual with real work and craftsman and my grandfather as the guide for me to learn how to ask questions and get people to share their work—something they would do with passion when they opened up.

As I watched the experience our guests were having during COSI’s Big Machines, I can’t help but imagine that many memories were being made with a whole new generation.  I think particularly when you add opportunities such as the powerful affective impact of a child being able to operate a hoe with a professional seated next to him, as in the photo.

COSI's Big Machines exhibition

Whether it was a grandparent accompanying, a dad, mom, of full family, I saw the power of my personal memory making playing out over and over again during the duration of Big Machines.  Clarifies again for me the special real and relevant experiences we can provide at here and why we want to add more of those opportunities.

Do you believe someone in your family, or even yourself, have strong memories that COSI has helped to facilitate?  What helped make that memory so strong?



  1. COSI probably really helped me develop my love for astronomy and helped my deep appreciation of history.

    Astronomy is probably how COSI itself effected me more. While I’ve never been any good at finding constellations, I became really fascinated about stars, planets, etc. and I can’t help but think that’s one reason I minored in physics in college. If it hadn’t been for COSI I’m not sure I would have discovered these as early as I did and probably wouldn’t have spent as much time learning about them.

    I think I would have developed my deep love of history either way, but I know COSI definitely aided me on the way.

  2. Thank you for sharing Eric. One of my favorite opportunities working w/an institution like COSI which have been serving the public for 46 years is the wealth of stories I hear from people who had impactful life experiences here–that they still remember in detail.

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