Posted by: COSI | July 26, 2010

It’s Been How Long?

I looked at my Chez Sez blog, reading the moving story Kim Kiehl wrote about hosting the first graduation, at COSI, of Metro School seniors, and then realized it’s been a month since I last blogged.

Gads—I knew it had been some time since I last wrote, but didn’t realize it had been such a long hiatus. Year end budget work, board meeting, some travel, dealing with some personal needs, and such had all come together to make every week feel pressed and time constrained. I’d have an idea for a blog, triggered by something I’d seen with a kid or family at COSI or with a COSI partner, I’d start composing it in my head and then priorities at work would push it out. By the time I’d get back to thinking of my blog I’d either forgotten the story or found that the timeliness was lost.

Last week I had a chance to walk around more as I watched our team serve the 3 to 4,000+ guests we were getting each day. I can usually get a quick sense of how fast the numbers are growing by going outside and checking the parking lots. If we’re on to the third lot across the street, we’re really starting to fill up.

As I was looking over at the lots, there was a group of youth who were here at COSI for the day. Their leader had a video camera and had them pose in front of the COSI name out front. I watched with real delight as they all jumped up and waved their arms yelling, “WE LOVE COSI!” The second and third “takes” were as enthusiastic at the first, and finally better coordinated among them.

Inspiring people to learn about science and explore their world is what I love about working at COSI—and here was raw enjoyment out there in full view of the other guests coming into the building.

I loved watching it as much as they seemed to love shouting it.


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