Posted by: COSI | July 28, 2010

A Deep Dive With Titanic

How I wish I could be part of this!

Yesterday it was announced on the Today Show that RMS Titanic, Inc. (our Titanic exhibition partner) has assembled a team of scientists and notable scientific organizations (like Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and will be conducting a 20 plus day expedition to deepen the knowledge and preservation of the Titanic. We had heard some advance possibilities when we first were negotiating to bring the the largest traveling Titanic exhibition to Columbus, but had not heard anything for some time.

Remora 6000 Launch

Remora 6000 Launch

This is going to be an incredible opportunity – and with the expedition launching August 18 it will take place during the last days of COSI hosting Titanic. What good fortune with the schedule!

As the press release announced, the “expedition will employ revolutionary acoustic imaging, sonar technologies and high resolution optical, video and 3-D imaging to provide the first comprehensive view of the entire wreck site with unprecedented accuracy and clarity.” This work will let them “virtually raise” the Titanic –something physically impossible and increasingly more important as the boat continues to be degraded from the elements and living organisms around it. (You can see the full description of the expedition at our website!)

So how will we at COSI be taking advantage of that story as it unfolds and the discoveries that come from it? How can COSI be flexible enough to capture the interesting elements of the Titanic expedition that is part of our “real science” focus? (And let’s admit, it isn’t all on-the-edge-of-your seat excitement doing science – some of science is “boring” collection of data, waiting for equipment to be repaired, etc. But that is part of the process of science we’re trying to help people understand—the science is only as good as the data you collect and interpret correctly).

I don’t know the answers to the questions I’ve posed – but I’m counting on our creative team to find ways to reveal and connect with the expedition work as it takes place. We have been informed that there will be ongoing video feeds and photo postings through Facebook – so that will be one portal we’ll all have into the expedition’s work.

Stay tuned!


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