Posted by: COSI | August 5, 2010

Imagine the Passion and Patience

I remember hearing that some young teenager had built a huge Lego® model of Titanic the first time it was here in 2005. That mention had faded in my memory until I heard that we were getting the model boat again. Seems it was still intact –and now that I’ve seen it I can imagine why!

I admire people that have the creativity, patience, and passion to create something as detailed as the Titanic model made of Lego® pieces. With my ADD nature I can’t even read one book through at a time—I’m always bouncing back and forth between interests. A Titanic ship like that would end about 1/8 done at best if I was set to the task, never to be finished.

Fourteen feet long, approximately 25,000 Lego® pieces, and incredible detail. Make sure to take a close look at it when you come in—the model is truly impressive. A then 14yr old Columbus resident John Mangini created this masterpiece, and now he is a sophomore at OSU studying to be an engineer.

Partly what we strive to do here is to motivate people—to learn more about themselves and their world. What do you think motivates a person to put that level of effort and attention into a project like this huge Titanic model?


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