Posted by: COSI | August 27, 2010

COSI in the Deep South?

You haven’t seen a blog lately as I’ve been taking an overdue vacation. This time I’ve been determined to turn off my continual focus on COSI — no calls in, no checking daily attendance reports or e-mail. For the most part I’ve been disciplined and it’s been good for me.

I lost a little control yesterday, though, through an experience that reminded me how powerful our brand has become. Dottie and I were eating at a restaurant when the manager was doing his guest service thing and stopped at our booth to chat and see how our experience was. Finding out we were visiting far from Ohio he
asked if that was our car with the COSI identification on it. (I won’t detail-but we do promote COSI on my car). When I said yes that it was and I worked there I was treated to some wonderful reminiscing on his part about his great experiences at COSI while growing up in Ohio.

So here I am far away from Columbus reminded once again of the power of the experiences we’ve offered to the over 20 million people we’ve touched since opening.

That’s it–I’m done–back to a few more days of vacation. Btw -this was composed on my iPhone–haven’t been using my computer either 😉


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