Posted by: COSI | September 30, 2010

COSI Off-The-Grid!

Well not exactly all of COSI—that’s still an ambition.

The POD Home

POD Home Opening Ceremony

But we just opened the OSU sustainable POD house—a joint project of some great students and faculty from the Knowlton School of Architecture and the School of Engineering. The house is cool—-a self-sustaining, single person dwelling with electricity produced by solar cells with battery storage, passive solar with phase change flooring to help store the heat to release later, and a solar hot water heater. Sustainable products, wood panels sandwiched around insulation, and other products and design features that could be used in any home were also part of the creative infrastructure.
All the products were off the shelf and the design, while an interesting one, allows a maximum living experience in a minimum space that could be readily duplicated.

And I always enjoy sharing the podium with Dr. Gee, President of OSU. We are getting experienced at celebrating together the growing partnerships with OSU at COSI. Those partnerships are giving our guests many new, real, and relevant experiences and a window into the types of activities of our OSU partners.

And you won’t miss the POD House out in our Science Park with its bright green exterior—now that’s really going “green.”

Group includes COSI's CEO and OSU's President Gee


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