Posted by: COSI | October 26, 2010

It’s Not Just About The View (Or Kids!)

Since people most often come to COSI through our parking lots “in front” where the new parts of the building are, they often don’t recognize what an outstanding view COSI offers of the Columbus skyline out the “back” which is the entrance to the old Central High which is integrated into our facility. We know the value of that view and even have a special events space called City View taking advantage of the skyline vantage point. So how do we deploy this asset, our view, as well?

We’re finding that we can leverage our location to help COSI broaden our base and profile. Wednesday night’s Brew and a View was a great, happening event with a different audience for COSI—adults not yet with kids! We’re finally starting to figure how to start connecting some of the age groupings for COSI that we normally don’t see, and an evening of socialization with a great backdrop was well received. Here is the link for all the wonderful pictures that were taken that evening.

And it was interesting to find among attendees those with science backgrounds but who had different careers–like the one gentleman with his PhD. in Chemistry and who now works in the intellectual property area of law. I forget how people can have a passion for science, move into a different life’s work, but enjoy engaging with science and science organizations.

We’ve decided to move to a more regular schedule of evening opportunities for adults—some with the view used, some with other activities planned. What would draw you in to COSI as an adult and coming without children?



  1. “What would draw you in to COSI as an adult and coming without children?”

    COSI as-is is enough to draw me in. I don’t think you need to plan anything special for childless business hours. Just make all the exhibits that are available during normal hours, available then too.

    Closing off certain parts of the museum during adults hours/events is what turns me OFF from coming to COSI during those times. I just want to experience all that COSI has to offer without the worry and trouble of children running wild.

    I’m sure your Brew Nights and mingle events are great and well done, but I don’t need gimmicks and special events to get me to buy a ticket. I just want COSI.

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