Posted by: COSI | November 11, 2010

Hanging High! COSI’s Unsung Heroes

The folks who keep buildings up and running, cleaning up every day after everyone else’s activities, and repairing and refreshing as needed often go unnoticed.

COSI has a great and dedicated team that takes care of the large building we live in, sometimes turning the building around from a 15 hours or longer day of activities within a few hours for the next big day—again working hard while the building is closed for a few moments or out of sight while guests and program attendees are busy on the floor.

Well, our team’s work was hard to go unnoticed as they have worked for months with the daunting task of power spraying the huge area of our curved cement panel walls. Hanging high in the air, under hot summer sun and cold fall winds they have worked their way down the length of our front façade—not easy on a building three football fields long!

Do you thank the folks who maintain the facilities where you work? I’ve got to remember to do so with our team here at COSI more often.



  1. My children attend/attended Wickliffe Elementary School (Upper Arlington School District). I am amazed and extremely grateful how they treat these unsung heroes. In some of the 5th grade graduation speeches, which are required of each student, they thanked not only teachers, but secretaries, cooks, and custodians. In a culture that seems to think little of those who serve us, it is nice to see a school teaching the right principles. Everyone deserves praise for their part.

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