Posted by: COSI | November 15, 2010

I Can’t Blog!

Well I can think about blogging, but I won’t have the use of my right hand and arm for awhile to type out my blogs. I’m in the middle of learning a great deal about the complex joint that our shoulders are—and surgery will help me explore more and hopefully get mine working better for me. But the doc promises some time for recovery, so I’m going to have to turn the COSI Prez Sez blogging duties over to some guest bloggers for an indeterminate length of time. I’m sure some new voices will be welcome—enjoy what they have to say about COSI and our activities.



  1. Try the free Dragon Dictation app for your iPhone – remarkably accurate voice to text dictations! It could help you keep blogging as well as continue much of your other typing-related work 🙂

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