Posted by: COSI | January 5, 2011

Do We Have An After Holiday Letdown at COSI?

Are you experiencing the post-holiday letdown yet? At home Dottie and I are trying to keep the lights turned on outside at night and keep the tree up, but you can sense the holiday spirit and excitement fading away.

We have a letdown of sorts at COSI as well.

We traditionally have a temporary exhibition, some shows, and a film timed to take us through the holiday season. But the day after the children go back to school and we resume our school schedule, the decorations and exhibition start coming down, the shows and film get switched out and we feel the quiet of January intrude as well.

I’ve already tried the thankless task of trying to get our 2-year-old granddaughter to understand (and more challenging to accept) that Clifford has moved on to keep other boys and girls happy. She’s not buying it right now, but we’ll get there.

COSI's "Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog" exhibition being dismantled.

COSI's "Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog" exhibition being dismantled.

Fortunately at COSI, better than at home, we have the “next act” quickly lined up. We are already running the new film and shows and preparing for the next school break with a new temporary experience. The team is working hard to move Clifford out and bring Geckos: From Tails to Toepads in.

Throw in our new slate of Science Days and family workshops and the energy level at COSI will quickly be rebounding, particularly once we get to the three-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend.

Other than our granddaughter bounding around the house we can’t match the recaptured energy level . I’ll just have to take some of the renewed COSI energy home with me 😉 .


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