Posted by: COSI | March 17, 2011

Gee Visits COSI For Big Announcement

As often happens there is more recognition outside our area for special achievements than locally. COSI ‘s deep relationship with OSU sometimes seems to fall into that category.

But President Gee recently joined me, Anthony “Bud” Rock, the CEO of the only worldwide science center organization (ASTC),  and community leaders, OSU leaders, and partners to recognize a special moment and significant development. 

OSU and COSI have formed one of the deepest and most innovative relationships anywhere between a science center and university.

WOSU@COSI and Labs in Life represent the first and only HD TV studio and university research labs built in and integrated into the experience at a science center.  OSU researchers are frequently on the floor engaging COSI guests in actual research. The Metro School – an OSU partnership with Battelle, local schools, and others operates in part out of COSI.

And much more–so much more that President Gee and I signed a new Memorandum of Understanding specifically to recognize the deep level of cooperation which is benefitting our community and raising the bar even higher. And Bud Rock of the Association of International Science-Technology Centers joined in part as recognition of the shining example COSI and OSU are creating together of a model for a 21st century science center partnered deeply with a science-rich partner.

As always with President Gee there are fun and laughs–but also seriousness of purpose. Watch the video and see what is so special right here in Columbus.



  1. […] more about the partnership in this blog post from David Chesebrough, President and CEO of COSI […]

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