Posted by: COSI | March 17, 2011

Nuclear Disaster – What, and What Not, To Worry About

The world is riveted with the events in Japan. Tsunami, earthquake of epic proportions, and now the resultant nuclear power plant drama playing out as a consequence of the natural disasters. The word nuclear creates fear and often is written about, as this disaster is, by reporters challenged by the deep understanding needed to know and report accurately.

At COSI we try to be responsive when we can to help people make sense of their world with accurate science understanding. Steve Whitt is one of our best science communicators. He has placed on the floor our nuclear activity cart. He has also recorded the following video that does a great job of explaining the various dynamic taking place at the Japanese nuclear reactors. His explanation makes it very clear where there is cause for concern, where there isn’t and what you might expect to happen going forward. I encourage you to watch it:

Also, colleagues at the St. Louis Science Center created a good explanation of a Tsunami and how such a devastating wave gets created.


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