Posted by: COSI | March 31, 2011

A Personal Day of Note

Five years ago today I walked into COSI as the new CEO.  The entrance was a little underwhelming as you can see from the photo I took that day, but there were many overwhelming thoughts that day popping into my head.

“What did I think I was doing taking this on?”

“Goodness, I’m CEO of one of the best known science centers in the science center community!”

“Who in their right mind entrusted this internationally known science center with my leadership?”

“My lord, this place is huge!”

Those were just a few thoughts that ran through my head between the parking lot and my office.

It’s interesting how much has changed in those 5 years.

We’ve had the Great Recession and are still working out of it.There have been significant changes in state and national leadership and national and world dynamics.  Apple Computer has rebounded from a small niche player to be one of the largest companies by capitalization in the world—driven in large part by products no one had seen or envisioned 5 years ago.

On a personal note, since that first day, we’ve seen all three daughters married and they’ve blessed us with son-in-laws, a delightful granddaughter, and now with another grandchild on the way.  Our middle daughter and her family have joined us in Columbus, making this feel more like home now. We’re almost though remodeling and moving into the old home we bought (are you really ever done with that? 😉

Sadly I’ve also lost way too many CEO friends suddenly and tragically in that time—Brian Taylor being the latest in the New Zealand earthquake.  Something to remind me of how we’re given a limited time to do good for others.

So with that sobering thought I look at pride at the changes at COSI since March 31, 2006.

At COSI, the great team and board, with community support and engagement, has been able to move COSI along in its evolution to a leading model of a 21st century science center serving its community in important ways.  We now have a #1 ranking by Parents Magazine among other national and international accolades.  We’re enjoying levels of attendance and participation we haven’t seen since the turn of the century—just yesterday 4,000 guests filled COSI with energy and curiosity.  And over 100,000 people were helped last year in gaining access to COSI’s resources through one or the other of our deliberate efforts and system of partners.

I guess as you get older you get more reflective.  Today is that day for me to pause and think over the last 5 years.

And the entrance is a whole lot more appealing visually and interactively  🙂

Old Entrance

Old Entrance

New Entrance

New Entrance



  1. I love the change in the entrance. Moving the pendulum up to the front was important (I know that was before you got here) was nice. The painting and carpeting changes make the whole entrance so much more visually appealing. That might be a little thing, but it really sets the tone when you come.

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