Posted by: COSI | June 15, 2011

Construction Underway

I’ve learned that COSI’s Big Machines is one of our most popular set of activities over the years – where else can a child sit in a full size crane or actually operate a real backhoe?  It is no wonder to me that our partnership with the Ohio Contractors Association and others is celebrating its 10th year.

As a kid I would have been thrilled with the opportunity youth are getting here at COSI to be “up close and personal” with the machines and the professionals who build our roads and buildings.  It is easy to imagine that some of the families going through the experience here will remember it in remarkable detail years from now (research suggests that strong feelings reinforces the longevity of memory).

And it was also nice to have our contractor partners help us out by doing some real construction at COSI as we build a new picnic area next to our Rain Garden as we continue to enhance the outdoor experiences at COSI.  So families were able to watch contractors at work with equipment literally the moment they stepped out of the car before they even reached the Big Machines experience on the English Plaza.

What type of experiences and interactions with professionals would you like to see us have here at COSI as we continue to expand the variety of real and relevant opportunities through a growing array of partnerships?


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