Posted by: COSI | August 4, 2011

We’re doing WHAT with Social media?

I still think of myself as a “techie” –working with the earliest computers, programming, teaching programming, writing computer education books and articles, and so on.  And I was on one of the first e-mail networks as a contractor for Apple (it later spun off to become AOL).  But lots of what I did was 15-20 years ago when personal computers were just beginning to evolve and my job focused around continually learning, testing, and helping others to learn about computers, the software of the day and using computers for productive purposes.

Yellow Dino Fun

A social media stunt at COSI on August 3rd

What has taken the world by storm since my days of expertise and changed communications, marketing, and created whole new businesses is social media.  With the demands of my job and what little time I have left trying to focus on family (the usual time squeeze—aging parents one side, wonderful new grandchild (and more on the way) on the other), spending hours exploring/using Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In not to mention the myriad of Google features, social purchasing, etc. just isn’t in the picture.

So while my heart might be there to explore this new frontier in technology that is the new wave changing the landscape as much as personal computers did during my tech heyday, I’m left on the fringe.

But I’m glad our COSI team is much more competent into this and exploring a set of new, exploratory efforts tapping social media this week around our engaging Dino exhibition.

When this burst of experimentation is all done I will take the time to get them to explain what they tried (sometimes likely explaining patiently what the “it” is they used) and what type of ways the social media vehicles helped us engage with our community.

Let me know if you are one of the ones that linked up with our social media activities.

Also, help me understand where social media is in your daily life.  Do you rely more on social media to find out what’s taking place in your community or do the more traditional radio, newspaper, TV and billboards still inform you?


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