Posted by: COSI | August 8, 2011

Even the National Guard Rates COSI Highly

Mobile Energy Lab

Mobile Energy Lab

It is nice to see COSI now being regularly selected by national initiatives to reach the public on relevant science and technology topics. We’ve been asked in recent times to host NASA’s 50th anniversary and GE Energy’s display of one of it’s giant wind turbine blades on it’s way to installation in a new wind farm project, to name just a few.

The latest request came from the National Guard and their traveling Energy Lab which, like a transformer, morphs from an 18-wheeler. I stopped in on the activity center over the weekend and found an impressive experience with some outstanding exploratory activities. The educators, all with science and engineering backgrounds, were enthusiastic and passionate as well.

The one facilitator I talked with explained that their focus is on encouraging STEM careers in renewable energy fields as a way to encourage youth to study science and math. He had multiple science degrees, has taught sciences in high school in college, and is working on his educational doctorate. A great example of the impressive background of the educators with the Energy Lab.

So when he said of all the science centers he has seen around the country that COSI was the best he’d seen, I took that as a great compliment!

The Energy Lab, powered in part by the solar panels on it’s roof, is worth stopping in to experience. It will be parked in front of COSI until August 14, and is free to the public. Don’t miss this free added opportunity at COSI!


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