Posted by: COSI | August 26, 2011

Energy just got smarter at COSI…

I found it interesting that the same week that we are opening up the next iteration of our Innovation Showcase, this one on smart energy use, the Dispatch had a major article on AEP and smart meters.  Turns out that our region has one of the largest experiments going on to install over 100,000 smart meters on homes to get a better understanding of public understanding and acceptance and the potential energy saving impact.

A good friend likes to say “If our energy system was as smart as our home cable TV systems we’d be several generations ahead of where we are now.”  Gives you a sense of how far we need to go to get our important electricity infrastructure on par with other societal infrastructure.

So I’m looking forward to us opening up our new version of our Innovation Showcase tonight with partners, community leaders, sponsors and the public (remember it’s our monthly Family Friday Night!).  We’re not only highlighting how we can all interact with our energy use differently, but we explore important options facing us personally and as a society.  And we highlight the local innovation and innovative companies that are playing a role locally and nationally.

We hope we’ve made the topic “sexy” and appealing.  The new COSI experience includes a focus on the role of innovation and the jobs of the future around that innovation.  We have simulation games and interactive to let our guests get a better sense of how the pieces work and interact with the basic principles.

If you can come in tonight to join us—come on down!  Ribbon cutting will be between 6:15 and 6:30 pm and it is our reduced rate night for individuals and families.

Check out the story that the link below takes you to see how our region through AEP is playing a leading role in moving toward a smart grid


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