Posted by: COSI | September 19, 2011

Parallel World @COSI

Green Vehicles On Display Outside COSI

Green Vehicles On Display Outside COSI

I find myself correcting folks a lot when they say. “You’re closed Monday and Tuesday at COSI, right?”

The answer is, yes, to the public (unless school is out, then we’re always open).  But I then share how more and more organizations are using us for meetings, conferences, etc. during the days when we don’t have public in the building (although we are still hosting our Metro School classes, OSU labs, and other partner activities every weekday).

In fact, last year the community held over 275 meetings and events at COSI.

The first clue that we were hosting something special today, on a Monday when we are closed to the public, were all the vehicles out front sporting labels attributing their energy source to electric, biofuels, compressed natural gas and such.  Having CleanFuelsOhio host their Green Fleet event at COSI makes all the sense in the world—especially after we just opened our Innovations in Energy Showcase.

Just another “quiet” day at COSI 😉


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