Posted by: COSI | September 26, 2011

World’s Fastest Electric Vehicle @ COSI

Most people think of golf carts still when you mention electric transportation.  How about an electric car that exceeds 300 mph!

Buckeye Bullet at COSI

Buckeye Bullet at COSI

The OSU Buckeye Bullet holds the world’s record of fastest electric car.  I’ve heard about it, was just talking with one of the partner companies this week, and lo and behold there was the Bullet out in front of COSI.

Janet Adams,the photographer for Columbus Business First was shooting the photos for the journal’s Fast 50 Event on October 12.  What better local symbol of fast than the Buckeye Bullet and what better location to shoot it and awardees than at COSI!  (Thanks Janet!)

So there I was stumbling on to the shooting and having my first look at that special electric car.

Being the geek and former engineering student, I had a great time talking “techie” with the prof and the students who lead the design and fabrication team—on their spare time!

Gosh I love my job!


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